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Announcing the Military Heroes Core Line

Military Handbook

The Military Handbook is a game of realistic military action. Written by a team of veterans and current service members, it focuses on the gritty details of military duty, both in garrison and in the field. We’re urging the writers to make the game hard on heroes.

We plan to release the Military Handbook in 2024.

Weapons Locker

Weapons Locker is about the small details between weapons, and there will be hundreds of them for those who care about them, but it’s also about bringing characters into focus. By talking about the context around the existence of different weapons, we give players information they can use to add detail to their heroes. It’s also about how your hero customizes their weapons, what accessories they add, and what ammunition they use.

We’re planning on a GenCon 2024 release for our Weapons Locker.

The Garage

Heroes like ours need to get from place to place, and we’re going to help. This book will provide transportation from horses to spacecraft, as well as character options, new chase challenges, and expanded rules for sites from safe houses to workshops.

Garage is a placeholder title for the book. We plan to release it in November 2024.

Rich Redman

Rich Redman was born in Florida. He grew up along the East Coast, and attended the University of Virginia. He led a platoon of tanks in the First Gulf War and spent over ten years working for Wizards of the Coast.

Now an eccentric recluse, Mr. Redman publishes digitally because it’s easier from his mountaintop fortress in Tibet. He claims to have a harem of first readers, and an army of bloodthirsty, opium-addicted, yetis who keep the children off his lawn. He subsists on a diet of mercury, sulfur, arsenic salts, and cheese.

Allegations that he is a master of Sinanju and a leader of the World Crime League remain unproven. No records can be found for his patents of the interocitor, the Mr. Fusion home reactor, the flux capacitor, or the oscillation overthruster.

Mr. Redman is a multiple winner of National Novel Writing Month. He has written for, Dungeons & Dragons, Magic: The Gathering, Marvel Super Heroes Adventure Game, Pathfinder, Star Wars, Dark*Matter, and d20 Modern.

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James McWee
Great news! Looking forward to their releases!


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Announcing the Military Heroes Core Line