E.G.O. Volunteer Roles, Responsibilities, and Rewards

Goons, Minions, Assassins…Oh, My!

Welcome to the E.G.O. program! We deeply appreciate your participation and support as we explore this way to experience Everyday Heroes and Evil Genius Games. Volunteers like you are crucial to the success of the E.G.O. Program, and we want your experience as an E.G.O. volunteer to be fun, fulfilling, and rewarding.

E.G.O. Volunteer Roles

First, let’s break down the roles and responsibilities for volunteers in the E.G.O. Program. This will give you a better picture of your opportunities for rewards in our evil scheme.
There are four roles for volunteers in the E.G.O. Program:

  • Evil Goons (GMs): Goons are the GMs who run E.G.O. games at local game stores, conventions, and online all around the world. Besides running games, Goons are also responsible for maintaining the E.G.O. Code of Conduct at the game table.
  • Evil Minions (Rank 1 volunteer): Minions are our E.G.O. field agents–they help introduce E.G.O. to new players and to their Friendly Local Game Store (FLGS), and help to coordinate and manage local E.G.O. events. Minions also adjudicate Code of Conflict issues that cannot be resolved at the game table by the Goon before they are escalated to the person organizing the event.
  • Evil Assassins (Rank 2 volunteer): Assassins are responsible for coordinating events within a large city or small region, and they provide support and oversight for Evil Minions within their areas. They also help organize E.G.O. events at local conventions.
  • Evil Lieutenants (Rank 3 volunteer): Lieutenants are responsible for overseeing a larger region (like a state or similarly-sized area) of the E.G.O. Program. Lieutenants help recruit and train Evil Assassins, Minions, and Goons and provide support for all E.G.O. volunteers within their region. They also help coordinate E.G.O. presence and events at larger conventions and public events.

These roles allow you to participate in the E.G.O. program in the ways that fit you best. However, no matter what role you play as an E.G.O. volunteer, we offer you ways to earn digital and physical rewards as a gesture of our appreciation for your support, time, and effort. Let’s get to those next.

E.G.O. Volunteer Rewards

The primary way for you to receive rewards as an E.G.O. volunteer is to acquire “Evil Credits,” which can be redeemed for in-game rewards or for store credit at the Evil Genius Games webstore (details on both initiatives coming soon). You earn Evil Credits when you GM, or schedule games at conventions. Note that larger events earn more Evil Credits than those run online or in the home.

E.G.O. Volunteer Rewards

Roles Evil Goons Evil Minions Evil Assassin Evil Lieutenants
GM an Event Evil Credits
Milestone Points for a character
Evil Goon rewards, plus:
Free adventures to distribute
Free and exclusive T-shirts
Evil Minion rewards, plus
Developer access
Evil Assassin rewards, plus
Inspiring Leadership
GM/Schedule Events at Local Conventions 2x Evil Credits
Free T-shirts
Evil Goon rewards Evil Goon rewards Evil Goon rewards
GM/Schedule Events at Large Conventions 4x Evil Credits
Free T-shirts
Evil Goon rewards Evil Goon rewards Evil Goon rewards
Other exclusive rewards TBD

Evil Credits: Evil Credits are redeemable for in-game items and services (see below) or for store credit at the Evil Genius Games webstore (details coming soon).

Milestone Points for a Character: When you GM an E.G.O. adventure, one of your characters earns MP and in-game rewards as if they had played the adventure, themselves. The character must be eligible to receive those rewards, per the player rules in the E.G.O. “GO” document.

Free T-Shirts: Evil Minions, Assassins, and Lieutenants receive free Evil Gamemaster T-Shirts to help them represent the E.G.O. program, and will also get exclusive access to other E.G.O. apparel.

Free Adventures: Evil Minions, Assassins, and Lieutenants receive free PDF copies of all E.G.O. adventures, both as a reward and to help them organize events. Stores participating in the E.G.O. program will also receive these files. Print-outs of these adventures can be freely loaned to GMs so they can prepare and run our games for players.

Developer Access: Evil Assassins and Lieutenants receive an invitation to an exclusive E.G.O. channel on our Discord server, where they will be able to interact as part of the community of E.G.O. producers, developers, authors, and game designers.

Inspiring Leadership: Evil Lieutenants begin play with 1 Inspiration when they play in E.G.O. games, to a maximum of 2 (above and beyond the normal restriction of 1 Inspiration per player). Other than starting with extra, this otherwise follows all of the normal rules for Inspiration during gameplay.

Get Evil Credits at Conventions!

In addition to the rewards above, you can also earn Evil Credits at conventions by doing such things as volunteering at Evil Genius HQ or running Everyday Heroes demo tables. These credits are at the discretion of the convention organizer on a convention-by-convention basis depending on need. Details of these credit programs will be posted in the near future.

In-Game Evil Credit Expenditures

In addition to using your Evil Credits for credit at Evil Genius Games webstore, you can also use your credits to obtain the following in-game items and services for your character(s) from REDEMPTION’s Research & Development department, RDN.

In-Game Evil Credit Rewards

Cost Item
200 RDN-Enhanced Clothing/Armor (+1 AV for one of your Hero characters)
400 Heal one Battle Scar or Mental Scar (Max: 1x per character)
600 RDN-Enhanced Training (One of your Hero characters gains one skill or equipment proficiency of their choice, Max: 1x per character)
800 Change one feat or class ability for a different one (Max: 1x per character per level, new option must be one that character could have selected at the replaced level)
1000 RDN-Enhanced Weapons (+1 Bonus to Attack & Damage for one of your Hero characters)
1500 Full Hero Character Rebuild (Max: 1x per character)

Achievement Badges and In-Game Rewards

Our Dispatch app will soon feature digital badges—Basic, Elite, and Master—that allow you to track your achievements as a GM or as a volunteer. In addition to these badges, you receive in-game rewards for you to use with your own Everyday Heroes E.G.O. characters. And, when future product lines are released, as part of the E.G.O. program, the list of eligible rewards will be updated to include these game settings as well! Stay tuned for a list of badges and achievements in the coming months!

Category Achievement Basic Elite Master In-Game Reward
Convention Mastermind Assembled Evil Genius Convention Squad (organize groups of GMs to run min. 3 tables per convention-day) 5 10 20 B: You’re Inspiring
E: You’re Extraordinary
M: You’re a Class Act
Logistics Master Ran Multi-Table Events (House Director or Table GM) 5 10 20 B: You’re Inspiring
E: You’re Extraordinary
M: You’re a Class Act
Tenured Professor Taught the game at a FLGS Retail location 5 10 20 B: You’re Inspiring
E: You’re Extraordinary
M: You’re a Class Act
Villainous Schoolmaster Led a “Supervillain School” mentor session for new GMs 5 10 20 B: You’re Inspiring
E: You’re Extraordinary
M: You’re a Class Act
GameMaster Extraordinaire Be GM for a certain number of games 10 30 90 B: You’re Inspiring
E: You’re Extraordinary
M: You’re a Class Act
Shopkeeper Strategist Organized game tables (for any GM) at FLGS Retail Locations 20 60 180 B: You’re Inspiring
E: You’re Extraordinary
M: You’re a Class Act

Each category has a Basic, Elite, and Master badge. Each of these badges can be obtained for each of the listed categories by performing the listed achievement that many times. You do not need to be a Minion or Goon in order to earn badges.

You’re Inspiring: Receive one point of Inspiration for each category in which you achieve the Basic tier. These special Inspiration points stack to a maximum of 6 points. Since characters can only have a maximum of 1 Inspiration at any given time, the excess points go to the other heroes at the table. This means that an E.G.O volunteer with the Basic achievement in all six categories will have enough Inspiration points to let their whole table start with 1 Inspiration. Now, that’s an inspiring way to begin a game!

You’re Extraordinary: Unlock one of the following Extraordinary Backgrounds from The Vault as an option for all of your E.G.O. characters: Divine Intervention, Ex Monster Worshiper, Memory Altered, Occult Family, Raised by Beasts, and Soulless. You can unlock other backgrounds by reaching the Elite level in different categories until you have all six.

You’re a Class Act: Unlock one of the following Classes and its related Multi-Class Feats from The Vault as an option for all your E.G.O. characters: Brutal Warrior, Combat Medic, Combat Scout, Commander, Gutter Rat, and Survivalist. You can unlock other Classes by reaching the Master level in different categories until you have all six.

Pre-E.G.O. Volunteer Award—No Volunteers Left Behind!

We have also created a reward exclusively for people who volunteered for the E.G.O. Program before it was in place. These volunteers, who did not expect to receive anything extra for their hard work, will receive an email notifying them of their eligibility and will unlock the following Extraordinary Background for one of their characters:

Eager Volunteer:
Whether at home, in school, or among your friends and co-workers, you’ve always found yourself volunteering to help others. As a result, you’ve picked up a wide variety of skills.

Ability Score Increase: Increase an ability score of your choice by one, to a maximum of 20.
Skill Proficiencies: Gain proficiency in one skill of your choice.
Iconic Equipment: Coffee mug, engraved pen, volunteer t-shirt.
Resilience: After selecting your class, gain an additional saving throw proficiency of your choice.

Another exclusive reward has been created for people who volunteered to beta-test our Everyday Heroes Dispatch app. These volunteers, who also did not expect to receive anything for spending hours of their time helping us out, will receive an email notifying them of their eligibility and will unlock the following Extraordinary Profession for one of their characters:

Test Pilot:
Whether through training, natural skill, guile, or just dumb luck, you are an expert at testing out new pieces of equipment and surviving the experience. But you’re not just some test dummy putting gear through its paces – you do it with style!

Ability Score Increase: Increase your Dexterity, Intelligence, and Charisma by one, to a maximum of 20.
Skill Proficiencies: Acrobatics, Performance, Vehicles.
Iconic Equipment: Driving gloves, flight suit, stylish sunglasses.
Wealth Level: 3
First-Time Lucky: You have advantage on your first check or save of any kind when interacting with a vehicle or piece of heavy machinery (at GM discretion) for the very first time.

E.G.O. Code of Conduct and Training

As a Goon, Evil Minion, Evil Assassin, or Evil Lieutenant, you represent Evil Genius at E.G.O. game tables, community events, and online. We want to foster positive gaming experiences and environments in which all feel truly safe and truly welcome, and from which all leave the game table eager to return. How you conduct yourself and hold others accountable as an E.G.O. volunteer is crucial to achieving those results. Accordingly, all volunteers are required to read, acknowledge, and adhere to the E.G.O. Code of Conduct in their roles. This Code governs everyone’s participation in the E.G.O. program and at E.G.O. events, whether they are in-person or online.

If you have questions about, or would like to seek advice or training with regard to, the Code of Conduct as an E.G.O. volunteer, please reach out to us on our community Discord server.