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Evil Genius Games Announces Three Highly Anticipated Releases in 2024


Indianapolis, IN, Friday, August 4, 2023 – In an exciting announcement, Evil Genius Games confirms the upcoming release of three remarkable projects, The Military Handbook, Weapons Locker and The Garage set for launch in 2024.

The Military Handbook

The Military Handbook is a gritty, realistic military game designed by a team of military veterans and active-duty service members. Focusing on the detailed facets of military duty, both in the garrison and the field, the team aims to create a game that genuinely tests its heroes. The book will cover some of the world’s top Tier 1 special operations units. It will also add new rules around wound locations, fatigue, morale, battlefield hygiene, trauma & PTSD, and how to run games with heroes of mixed levels to represent different levels of combat experience.

Weapons Locker

Simultaneously, Evil Genius Games will release Weapons Locker. This unique project delves into the intricate differences between over a thousand weapons, from primitive weapons to those used in WWI and WWII, all the way up to contemporary and near-future weapons and their use. By discussing the context around the existence of different weapons, we give players information they can use to bring focus and add depth to their heroes through weapons modification and ammunition choice.

The Garage

Heroes like ours need to get from place to place, and we’re going to help with The Garage (The Garage is a placeholder title for the book). This book will provide transportation options from horses to spacecraft. Additionally, we will introduce new chase challenges, and expanded rules for sites from safe houses to workshops. We plan to release it in November 2024.

Rich Redman

The driving force behind these exciting projects is Rich Redman, a military veteran and renowned figure in the gaming industry. Rich was one of the original creators of d20 Modern, the inspiration behind Everyday Heroes. Known for his eccentricity, Redman reportedly spearheads operations from a secluded mountain fortress in Tibet, an idiosyncratic detail that only adds to his distinct persona.

While Redman may jest about his yeti guards and fictitious patents, it’s his illustrious career in game development that garners universal admiration. A multi-award-winning novelist and a significant contributor to prominent games like Dungeons & Dragons, Magic: The Gathering, and Star Wars, Redman’s professional prowess far outweighs his humorous eccentricities.

Today at GenCon

In related news, at GenCon yesterday, we were excited to release our Highlander and Total Recall Cinematic Adventures. These books are shipping out to our Kickstarter backers and are available for purchase at booth #737 and on our website. To celebrate the release of these books, we had fans join us Thursday night for our late-night movie series, during which they enjoyed drinks and popcorn while watching the action of Total Recall and Escape from New York unfold on the big screen. This series runs each night at GenCon, so see if tickets are available.

One correction we would like to make from yesterday’s release is Casey Maas’ (one of our winners in the Everyday Arcana contest) store, Natural 20 Works, is located in Clarksville, TN, not Nashville.

About Evil Genius Games

Evil Genius Games, a Black-owned game publisher, was founded in 2021 to produce modern-day tabletop roleplaying games. With a team of deeply experienced game designers, Evil Genius creates games that are fun and epic in scope. Its first game, Everyday Heroes, is a tabletop roleplaying game set in the modern world. In 2023, Evil Genius will launch several campaign settings based on popular movie licenses such as The Crow, Pacific Rim, Kong: Skull Island, Highlander, Rambo, Total Recall, Universal Soldier, and Escape From New York. More information on Evil Genius Games can be found online at www.evilgeniusgames.com.

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