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Product Identity

Game Product References. Everyday Heroes™, Everyday Heroes Rules System™, Everyday Heroes Core Rules™, EDH™ (when referencing Everyday Heroes), and Everyday Heroes Rule™ Compendium (Year). Note: These terms are to be used only when referencing official EGP products. These cannot be used as titles for your licensed products.

Iconic Heroes. Mack Williams, Romeo Sinclair, Zagriev “The Russian Bear” Novikov, Saoirse O’Connor, Antonio Sanchez, Lakeisha Brown, Daxx, Mel Stackhouse, Sue Fairfield, Luis Garza, The ]=0XX (The Foxx), Katie Paige & Bingo, Wesley Scott, Dr. Margaret Wellington, TJ “Doc” Jefferson, Glenn “Bloodhound” McPherson & Big Boo, Arjun Mehta, Kat Whitlock, Johnny Blaze, Dexter LaFontaine, Lt. Commander Leticia Wright, Miho Kato. Note: The use of these characters and their likenesses should not directly contradict existing canon whenever possible. Refer to the Everyday Heroes™ Canon Bible for further information on these characters.

Notable Non-Player Characters. Walt DeWalt.

In World Organizations : REDEMPTION

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