Explore the mysterious Skull Island and the monsters that await.

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What's Inside

Welcome to Skull Island, the domain of the mighty Kong and a land of unparalleled danger, adventure, and discovery. You are among the first to step foot on its shores, to explore its untamed wilds, to face the monstrous beasts more dangerous than anything previously known to mankind. Will you unravel one of its great mysteries, or will you end up as a snack for a slavering monster?

Featured Content

  • Journey to the mysterious island where everything is trying to kill you.
  • Play as a mercenary or research scientist set to explore the island’s mysteries.
  • Defend yourself from Titans, superspecies, and carnivorous plants.
  • Engage with strange new bests such as the Spirit Tiger and the Leafwing.
  • Befriend Kong to have him aid you in your goals.

The Cool Factor

Kong: Skull Island gives you a wealth of new options for creating heroes in the Everyday Heroes game system. Prepare for the many perils that await with two new classes, new backgrounds, professions, feats, and equipment. Here too, are creatures able to test the mettle of even the most talented heroes. New combat rules for massive destruction and mayhem, as well as titanic scale rules, simulate creatures as tall as skyscrapers.

About This Book

  • A 112 pages Cinematic Adventure set in the world of Kong: Skull Island.
  • New tools and guidance for game masters
  • New Classes such as the Monster Hunter
  • New Backgrounds such as Lost in Time
  • New Professions such as the War Photographer
  • New Rules mechanics for befriending the almighty Kong
  • Includes an adventure called Sliver of the Skull.
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