New York is a maximum-security prison. Can you escape?

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What’s Inside

In 1988, the crime rate in the United States rose by more than 400 percent. New York City, the site of a massive nerve gas attack by the Soviet Union, is transformed into a maximum-security prison big enough to incarcerate every criminal in the country. Sealed off from the world by a 50-foot containment wall, it is a society in and of itself. Once you go in, you never come back.

Featured Content

  • Explore the dark and gritty prison that once was Manhattan
  • Engage with the many gangs of New York, each with their unique style
  • Work for the Duke, the A Number One, or try to take him out and become the new King of New York
  • As a Motorhead, trick out your vehicle and race for glory
  • There is adventure around every corner in the rotten apple. It’s the city that never sleeps.

The Cool Factor

Experience the desperation and lawless danger of New York Maximum Security Penitentiary, with its memorable mix of bleakness and dark humor. In this world where there’s not much to lose, players can go for broke and expect a wild race against time through streets that can run blood-red. From mad cannibals and death races, to criminal gangs that rule the city and cool new vehicles and weapons modifications, you’ll plunge into an intense dystopian landscape, rife with danger, political corruption, terroristic acts, deadly violence, and more.

About This Book

  • A 128-page Cinematic Adventure set in the world of Escape From New York.
  • New tools and guidance for game masters.
  • New Classes such as the Street Warrior.
  • New Backgrounds such as Convict
  • New Professions such as the Ratcatcher.
  • New Rules Mechanics for Prison Bartering.
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