Pilot giant mechs. Kill giant monsters. Save the world.

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What's Inside

The battle for humanity’s survival rages on. Skyscraper-sized monsters called Kaiju continue to invade our world from another dimension. Their only goal is the total annihilation of the human race. Only you and your fellow Rangers can fight the Kaiju, matching their size and strength with titanic robots called Jaegers; machines so powerful that they require the mental fortitude of two pilots to operate. It’s your turn to save the world.

Featured Content

  • Play a PPDC ranger and step into your custom mech
  • Level up your mech as you increase your skills, customizing each part of the machine
  • Find new equipment on the black market to make your Jaeger unique
  • Fight mighty Kaiju before they destroy the cities on the Pacific Rim
  • Hurl tankers, and punch through buildings as you play the game at Titanic Scale
  • Includes stats for every Kaiju and Jaeger in the movies.

The Cool Factor

The world of Pacific Rim allows you to pilot huge robots (Jaegers) as you fight enormous and deadly Kaiju monsters like Godzilla and his kin. This world provides a wealth of opportunity for adventure. The lawless exclusion zones where Kaiju have left irreparable damage offer many chances at heroics, while other threats, such as the black market that trades in harvested Kaiju organs or the secret cults that worship the Kaiju as gods, provide a variety of enemies for heroes like you to face. 

About This Book

  • A 128-page Cinematic Adventure set in the world of Pacific Rim.
  • New tools & guidance for game masters
  • New Class, the Bonded Twins
  • New Backgrounds such as Disaster Survivor
  • New Professions such as the PPDC Ranger
  • New Rules mechanics for fighting at Titanic Scale
  • Includes an adventure called The Fenris Aurora
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