Military Heroes

Military Heroes

Military Heroes will be the definitive guide to creating military-based characters and running military campaigns. It’s coming to Gamefound, Available later this year.

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What's Inside

Military Heroes is a guide to gritty, realistic, deadly military action. It includes new backgrounds, occupations, and feats that combine to reflect military specialties. It describes more than 15 special operations forces from 9 countries, including how to build and equip characters from those units. Speaking of equipment, Military Heroes includes new weapons, vehicles, and military equipment, expanded combat rules to deal with wound locations, camouflage, and fear.

Featured Content

  • New rules for wound locations and effects, fear, trauma, and lasting physical and psychological injuries
  • New weapons, equipment, and vehicles
  • Special operations units from Delta Force to Snow Leopard Commandos
  • Guidance for developing new special operations units
  • Tools on how to build military encounters
  • Over 25 mission descriptions to quickly start your next session
  • GM advice on everything from using character levels to reflect battlefield experience to military discipline

The Cool Factor

This book brings military action in all its gritty, deadly, glory to your tabletop. Surviving a game that uses these rules is a badge of honor. Whether you want your character to be a veteran, to have a specific military background, or to participate in battlefield action, Military Heroes is here to provide covering fire. If you’re a GM looking to run a military session or campaign, the Military Heroes has the tools you need.

About this book

  • New character backgrounds, professions, and feats
  • New weapons, vehicles, and equipment
  • Descriptions of over 15 special operations units from around the world
  • New combat rules that increase realism and lethality
  • Tools for building military units, encounters, and missions
  • GM advice for non-combat military situations
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