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What's Inside

By the year 2084, humanity has expanded across the solar system, with colonies on most planets—or their moons for the more gaseous worlds. Cruise ships sail between worlds, carrying the wealthy to exotic vacation spots. For the rest of us, there’s Rekall—a company that implants memories of incredible vacations without all the hassle and expense of the real thing. Enter this world, find adventures and danger of your own making, and figure out if what you’re experiencing is real…or just an imaginary implanted memory.

Featured Content

  • Choose to join the resistance or work for the corporations. Nothing is as it seems.
  • Take on a mutation and become a giant, a shapeshifter, or have psychic abilities. Receive new powers such as telepathy or an extra strong arm.
  • Hunt for Martian artifacts as the Martian Gadgeteer. Turn them into powerful weapons
  • Implant or remove memories with the Mind Doctor class.
  • You decide if this world is real or an implant by Rekall Technologies.

The Cool Factor

The possibilities are nearly endless in the world of Total Recall. Participate in a mission to liberate Mars or one of the many colonies ruled by authoritarian forces throughout the solar system. Engage in secretive corporate espionage. Join in the adventure of space exploration. Fight mutants, unravel mysteries, discover alien technology…all the while knowing that maybe all these events aren’t real. Your memory may have been altered, after all—by choice or by nefarious foes—and you’ll have to figure out who you really are.

About This Book

  • A 112-page Cinematic Adventure set in the world of Total Recall
  • New tools and guidance for game masters
  • Six new classes including the Mutant Shifter and the Spy
  • A host of new character options including Mutations galore
  • Includes an adventure called The Enemy is Us
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