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Everyday Heroes

Everyday Heroes™ is a modern-day roleplaying system based on d20 Modern, refreshed for the 5th edition. Updated by some of d20’s original designers, Everyday Heroes will delight fans everywhere. This complete Everyday Heroes Core Rulebook for both Gamemasters and Players brings the ease of the 5th edition of the world’s most popular roleplaying game into the modern era.

Mechs, Mutants. And More

The Vault Available Dec 8th

Find all of the new rules from this year’s Cinematic Adventures all in one handy book. Whether you’re building an immortal character or outfitting your character with Cybernetic implants, this book have what you need for your 5e game.

the ultimate
gun guide

the armory Available Nov 1st

The Weapons Locker is the definitive armory guide to weapons and equipment, featuring over 500 unique items to level up your modern-day gaming.

planes, trains
& automobiles

The Garage Available Nov 24

The Garage is the definitive guide to vehicles, featuring over 200 motorcycles, cars, boats, and aircraft.

gritty Military-Style Combat

military heroes Available Oct 1st

The Military Guide is the definitive guide to creating military-based characters and running military campaigns.

Magic in the Modern World

everyday arcana Available Nov 1st

Everyday Arcana is the definitive guide to modern-day fantasy and magic elements and characters, such as Wizards, Orc Police Officers, Cleric Doctors, and more.


dive into the Cinematic adventures

dive into the Cinematic adventures

Total Recall

Join the resistance, liberate Mars, explore space in the world of Total Recall—all while trying to figure out which memories are yours, and which are implanted by the Rekall corporation.

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Engage in guerrilla warfare, go behind enemy lines, and be your foe’s worst nightmare — all against seemingly impossible odds in the world of Rambo’s realistic modern-day combat settings.

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universal soldier

Enter the world of Universal Soldier. Become reanimated into a cyborg killing machine, and unravel the mysteries behind your cybernetic origins—all while tracking down a megalomaniac with plans to rule the world.

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escape from new york

Travel through the deadly and twisted dystopian landscape of Escape from New York—and stop a nuclear bomb from detonating and destroying the city.

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Visit the world of The Crow—and wreak vengeance on those who would turn the lands of the living and the dead on their head. Some tragedies never rest, even after death.

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Explore the mysterious Skull Island and the dangerous monsters that await, all while trying to escape back to safety before the mighty Kong strikes back.

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Pacific rim

Pilot giant mechs. Kill giant monsters. Save the world. The Pan Pacific Defense Corps (PPDC’s) powerful new prototype Jaeger, the Fenris Alpha, lies scattered at the edge of a deep ocean trench, its pilots still alive within their protected capsule.

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Jump into the world of the Highlander to live your immortal life throughout the ages—all while seeking to prevent a mysterious companion turned traitor centuries earlier from wreaking destruction.

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