The vault

The vault

Find all the new rules from this year’s Cinematic Adventures all in one handy book. Whether you’re building an immortal character or outfitting your character with Cybernetic implants, this book have what you need for 5e game.

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What's Inside

Get ready to shift your Everyday Heroes game into overdrive! Evil Genius Game has collected a year’s worth of incredible new rules for Everyday Heroes into one amazing compilation. Whether you want to battle gigantic monsters with awesome mechs, live forever as an immortal warrior, tap into the power of ritual magic, play a mutant warrior, mod yourself with cyberware, become a billionaire, or just wield an incredible array of new weapons, this is your book!

Featured Content

  • Classes like Mutant Shifter, the Spy, the Billionaire, and 20+ more
  • Rules for creating and playing Titanic Mecha and Tiny heroes
  • More than 100 detailed cybernetic implants
  • Rules for playing heroes from level 0 to 20 and beyond
  • A huge variety of NPCs and GM tools for all types of genre play

The Cool Factor

If you are tired of books that don’t deliver robust mechanics for your favorite game, this is the book for you. The Vault is a treasure trove of carefully crafted game mechanics with no filler. There are more than 25 classes, 4 Origins, 48 Backgrounds, 50 Professions, 78 Feats, 100+ NPCs, and that’s only half of what’s in this book. The Vault is an massive treasure trove of content for your Everyday Heroes adventures expanding from our modern world, launching into the near future and urban fantasy genres.


  • 352-page hardcover book (or PDF)
  • 15 New Classes and 10 New Extraordinary Classes! (plus 1 Bonus Class)
  • New: Character origins mechanic, play as a cyborg, immortal, or mutant
  • 21 New Backgrounds, 17 Historical Backgrounds, 10 Extraordinary Backgrounds
  • 41 New Professions, 6 New Extraordinary Professions, 3 Career Paths, and
  • 16 Advanced Feats, 6 Extraordinary Advanced Feats, 7 Immortal Feats, 30 Multiclass Feats, and 18 Extraordinary Multiclass Feats
  • Over 100 NPCs from across time and space
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