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What’s Inside

Engage in epic sword battles across the centuries as you fight dangerous immortal foes. Highlander invites you to discover what it means to be immortal, and all the heartbreak that comes with it—exile, loneliness, love, loss, and the chance to continually build your skills and knowledge in whatever captures your interest over the long years. Battle across settings both modern and from any era in the past as you solve mysteries, build alliances, and defeat those who have betrayed you.

Featured Content

  • You’re immortal. Find out what that means for your character in your session zero.
  • Choose your favorite slashing weapon and test the new dueling and beheading rules.
  • Feel the power of the Quickening to receive new talents to defeat your enemies.
  • Try powerful new classes with their unique fighting styles.
  • Remember. There can be only one!

The Cool Factor

The world of Highlander can take place in any time period, in any location. Characters can come from anywhere, with limitless choices for your origin story and background. Players can combine ancient battle skills of the Samurai with modern-day gunplay, for example, or rise from poor peasant to immortal warlord with millions of dollars in the bank. Whether you’re fighting one-on-one with any weapon ever known to man, or tracking down enemies who threaten your loved ones and seek to destroy the peaceful life you’ve committed to living, this world creates endless possibilities for your gaming table.

About This Book

  • A 112 pages Cinematic Adventure set in the world of Highlander.
  • New tools and guidance for game masters
  • New Classes such as the Brutal Warrior
  • New Backgrounds such as Aztec Warrior
  • New Professions such as Medieval Executioner
  • New Rules mechanics for 1 on 1 Duels
  • Includes an adventure called A Measure of Revenge.
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