E.G.O. Program Code of Conduct

Evil Genius Games

A Corporate Ethos of Inclusion

At Evil Genius Games, our mission is to make great games that are universally accessible. We want to embrace the rich diversity of our gaming community and celebrate the tapestry of cultures, ethnicities, self-identifications, and socio-economic backgrounds from which our players come. It’s essential to us that everyone, regardless of their background or disability, can participate (physically and digitally) in our games and events. We want every player to be able to see themselves as an Everyday Hero, because they see themselves reflected in the inclusive spirit of our games.

This commitment to diversity, inclusivity, and representation is more than just a slogan—it’s a core part of our identity. It influences every aspect of our operations, from the way we hire and build our team to how we design our games and conduct community events and outreach. We strive to create environments, both in-person and online, where all players feel welcomed, respected, and valued. Our goal is to ensure that every interaction with Evil Genius Games, whether it’s playing a game or attending an event, is an experience where diversity is celebrated and every voice is heard. This dedication is not just about playing games and having fun; it’s about building a community where everyone belongs.

The Role of E.G.O Goons and Minions

Goons (GMs) and Evil Minions (volunteers) are crucial members of our E.G.O. team because they represent Evil Genius at the E.G.O. game table and community events. Accordingly, all Goons and Minions are required to read, acknowledge, and adhere to our E.G.O. Code of Conduct. This Code governs participation in the E.G.O. program and E.G.O. events, whether in-person or online. Our goal is to foster a positive gaming environment in which all feel truly safe and truly welcome, and in which all leave the game table eager to return. How our volunteers conduct themselves and hold others accountable is crucial in creating that environment and achieving those results.

Defusing Tensions at the Table

We understand that within the game—and even around the table at times—tensions, conflicts, and differences of opinion may arise. We expect this. But we also expect that, when conflicts do arise, differences will be settled respectfully before they devolve. We expect all participants at E.G.O. events to work together to resolve any issues and to treat each other with respect in coming to a resolution so that everyone around the table has a positive experience. No one at the table—GM or players—should ever feel intimidated, harassed, threatened, silenced, demeaned, or excluded.

We also know that there will be times that uncomfortable topics or unforeseen situations may arise that make players extremely uncomfortable, even when GMs carefully vet these very topics and situations with the players prior to play. However not everyone can anticipate how they will react to such situations until they actually occur. For this reason, GMs are advised to always have a means, such as using the “fade to black” or “x-card” tools from the Everyday Heroes Core Rulebook (pg. 324 or  our Fade to Black page), by which players can express their discomfort and such situations can be avoided or bypassed without disrupting the game or discomfort to the players. All players’ sensibilities should be respected so that everyone can have fun to the very end of the adventure.

Handling Code of Conduct Violations

The chain of responsibility for handling Code of Conduct issues begins at the table with the Goon, who should attempt to see that any issues are honestly acknowledged and amicably settled. Failing that, the Goon or any of the players may ask an Evil Minion to intervene. Minions are the first stage in resolving conflict between players at events before escalating to the person(s) organizing the event (e.g., Evil Lieutenant/Assassin, store owner, etc.). The Evil Minions are empowered to withdraw participation from any of the parties, to determine the duration of withdrawal, and to set the conditions of return based on their own best judgment. Issues that remain unresolved should be escalated to the E.G.O. event organizer, who has final say for the event.

In general, though, those who are unable to settle their differences amicably or cannot agree to disagree without continuing to disrupt the game or make others feel disrespected or threatened may—and should—be removed from our spaces. The same holds for those who will not will not refrain from inappropriate, offensive, disruptive, or discriminatory behavior and speech. Evil Genius has zero tolerance for those who will not abide by the Code of Conduct.

What We Will Not Tolerate at E.G.O. Games and Events

The E.G.O. Program reserves the right to refuse or withdraw participation (both in person and online), for whatever period that the representatives of the E.G.O. Program deem necessary and appropriate, from any person who engages in such things as, but not limited to:

  • Stalking or intimidation; offensive verbal comments, gestures, or slander; shaming of any kind; bullying of any kind; inappropriate or unwelcome photography or recording.
  • Unwelcome, non-consensual, or inappropriate physical contact; physical assault and/or battery.
  • Discrimination based on race, color, national origin, immigration status, gender (identity or presentation), sexual orientation, religion, political affiliation, appearance, or disability.
  • Cheating, interfering with gameplay, tournament or event misreporting or fraud, misuse or unauthorized distribution of E.G.O. and Evil Genius play materials.
  • Display or distribution or materials at E.G.O. and Evil Genius events, both in-person and online, containing texts, words, symbols, images, art, or references (such as web links) that violate or attempt to circumvent this Code of Conduct.
  • Spamming, trolling, business promotion and/or solicitations, repeated unwanted contact or contact requests, or interference with use of social media or other digital products and services, including Denial of Service activities.
  • Conducting E.G.O. events at locations (friendly local game stores and others) without the consent of its owner and/or employees, including the scheduling of games without their knowledge.
  • Illegal, unauthorized, or inappropriate acquisition, storage, use, or distribution of personal information, including name, date of birth or age, address, phone number, contact information, play locations, social media names/pages, product purchases, text messages, passwords, photographs or likenesses, and all similar or related personally identifiable pieces of information.
  • Illegal activities (see below) of any kind.

Illegal Activities

Any illegal activity needs to be escalated to the proper authorities, such as: convention organizers, facility security, local police, or other appropriate organizations. Evil Minions and other event organizers should assist participants, when requested, with contacting local law enforcement, providing escorts, or otherwise helping participants to feel safe for the duration of an event.

Reporting Violations

Whenever an issue has escalated to the point where a Goon, Minion, or event organizer needs to remove a participant from an E.G.O. game or event, it is important that the event organizer report and log the violation using our secure web form. We want to ensure that we can document violations, sanction repeat offenders, and observe patterns in violations from which to develop policy further. This form is accessible only to Evil Genius Games staff.

When using the form to report a violation, please include as much of the following information as possible:

  • Name, role, and contact information of reporter [This information is kept confidential.]
  • Name, screen name (if applicable), contact info (if possible), of violator
  • Event
  • Day, time, location
  • Nature of violation and description
  • Course of action taken
  • Any additional information

This Code of Conduct will be reviewed and updated annually (or more frequently as needs arise) on the Evil Genius Games website and other company materials.

E.G.O. Goons (GMs) and volunteers (Evil Minions, Evil Assassins, and Evil Lieutenants) agree to have read, understand, and abide by all of the above policies. Players are also strongly encouraged to read this document, as well.

For appeals, additional information, questions, or concerns, please email [email protected]


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