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E.G.O. Blog – Episode 3

As many of you have heard by now, Michael Bramnik, the Director of Evil Genius’ organized play program (E.G.O.), is leaving Evil Genius for other horizons. We’re going to greatly miss his expertise, vision, good humor, and puns (such puns!). However, Michael leaves us with a great program and app in place, a full season of terrific adventures already plotted out, and a wonderful community of eager volunteers and “Friendly Local Game Stores” (FLGSs), all of which are ready to carry out his vision and to make Everyday Heroes a world-wide gaming experience. 

I’m Eric Nelson, Senior Editor for E.G.O., and I have been working with Michael behind the scenes at E.G.O. for a few months and, now that he has left, I have stepped into Michael’s role as the Director of E.G.O. enthusiastically. Fortunately, because Michael was doing the work of several people, both Producer Bryan CP Steele (Pacific Rim, Kong) and I are shouldering the duties together for now, which makes this transition easier. Bryan has graciously agreed to temporarily lead the creative side of the program while I take over operations. He will be working with the writers and artists to ensure that the amazing season of adventures that we have for you stays on track. For the time being, this will let me focus on both operations and growing this amazing organized play program until I am comfortable managing all of it. 

Accordingly, my major task at the moment is to organize and coordinate our volunteers and stores, to establish clear lines of communication and operations, and to harness the enthusiastic support that we have received. The ground game for the E.G.O. program comprises the Evil Goons (who offer and run games), the FLGSs (which host E.G.O. events), and the Evil Minions (who help coordinate and facilitate the events for FLGSs and Goons). To support that ground game, I’m putting in place some state or regional “Assassins” who will work with the Goons, Minions, and stores in their areas to help them find what they need. The Assassins will also work with their respective “Lieutenants” (such as Jester and Klaus, who have taken on responsibility for the eastern and western U.S., respectively), and I will be working with them all to facilitate the entire enterprise.

So, now for a couple of exciting announcements

All Hands: We’re scheduling an all-hands meeting on our Discord channel on Thursday, February 8th at 6:00 p.m. Both Dave Scott, CEO of Evil Genius Games, and I will be there. This meeting will give you all a chance to meet me in person, and to ask any questions that you have about the program. The meeting will take place in the Evil Genius Discord Server in the E.G.O. Volunteers Meeting Room. If you’ve been accepted by the program, you should have access to the room. If you don’t have access, please reach out to me at ego@evilgeniusgaming with your Discord handle and I will add you. 

Office Hours: I’m also announcing weekly office hours when I will be “hanging out” in the E.G.O. Meeting Room on Discord. You’re welcome to stop by and chat with me during these office hours. I will be there and available Tuesday and Friday 2:00-4:00 p.m. (PST), beginning Tuesday, February 13. 

As we finish getting the crew fully on board, at their places, and the sails set, I want to thank all of you for your generous participation and support. We have a clear course charted ahead for wonderful adventures, and I am honored (and more than a little humbled) to be helping us all get there together. So, if I can borrow a line from JourneyQuest…Onward!

Eric Nelson

Organized Play Manager


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