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Evil Genius Games Launches The Armory on Gamefound

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Evil Genius Games Launches The Armory on Gamefound

Spiritual Successor to D20 Modern’s Weapons Locker

Over 700 Modern-Day Weapons for Your Modern 5e Game


SAN MATEO (July 9th, 2024): Today, Evil Genius Games launches its first Gamefound project: The Armory: The Ultimate Guide to Modern Weapons. Inspired by d20 Modern’s Weapons Locker, The Armory will be the most comprehensive modern-day arms supplement of its kind.

No matter what year your game setting takes place, The Armory has the perfect gear for your characters. This 250+ page supplement boasts over 700 modern-day weapons, armor, explosives, and equipment, ranging from the 19th to the late 21st century and beyond, including:

  • Pistols
  • Rifles
  • Shotguns
  • Sub-Machine Guns
  • Grenades
  • Heavy Ordinance
  • Melee Weapons
  • Unorthodox Arms

In addition to weapons, The Armory includes stat blocks for shields, body armor, and special equipment. And the book also provides you with the tools to translate your favorite weapon into an in-game item!

The Armory is made for the Everyday Heroes™ system, but its resources will also be compatible with any 5th-edition game. Want to bring a Keltec KSG Pump Action Shotgun into your fantasy game? Or pull out a Carl Gustav m/45 Submachine gun to lay out a Cthulhu from beyond? Perhaps you want to show off your collector’s edition Desert Eagle to your fellow Space Marines? This supplement is for you.

The Armory will be available in both print and digital formats, and for VTTs such as Roll20 and Foundry.

The Armory: The Ultimate Guide to Modern Weapons Gamefound project goes live on July 9th, 2024, and ends on August 5th. Follow the link here.




About Evil Genius Games

Evil Genius Games, a game publisher, was founded in 2021 to launch a modern TTRPG platform that ushers in a new era in tabletop roleplaying. Its flagship product, Everyday Heroes—the spiritual successor to d20 Modern—is the ultimate, modern-day, gaming platform. Evil Genius Games also brings your favorite action movies to the gaming table with movie licenses from such titles as The Crow, Escape from New York, Highlander, Kong: Skull Island, Total Recall, Rambo, Pacific Rim, and Universal Soldier.

Later in 2024, Evil Genius Games plans to release Kong: Skull Island Cinematic Adventure Path and Pacific Rim Cinematic Adventure Path. Each Adventure Path promises over 100 hours of exciting gameplay, plus the most comprehensive bestiary of Titans and Kaiju ever assembled. Both projects are available for pre-order here.

In 2025, Evil Genius Games will unveil two, new, role-playing game lines and one product extension—Intergalactic Heroes (its science fiction system), Everyday Arcana (its urban fantasy system), and the highly-anticipated Military Heroes system. In addition to their thrilling narratives, these new products will provide exhilarating, innovative, and immersive gameplay experiences for everyone around the table.

For more information visit www.evilgeniusgames.com.

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