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Inside Look: Artwork from The Crow

We thought we’d share some of the artwork from The Crow Cinematic Adventure (PDF version released January 2023, in-store release in March/April 2023).

New Cover Art

Unveiling the new cover art for the Escape From New York Cinematic Adventure from acclaimed artist David Chen. You’ll notice a new enhanced pose for Eric Draven reminiscent of his walk in the rain.

The Villain of this Adventure

Introducing Vee. She is as dangerous as she is beautiful. And she is hellbent on bringing her twin sister back from the dead using the powers of the Crow. Don’t underestimate her. She has masterminded the perfect plot to ensnare your pitiful party to get what she wants. Drawn by the talented Jensen Sujaya.

As you can see, we work with the best artists to ensure the highest quality roleplaying experience. If you haven’t picked up this Cinematic Adventure, now’s the time. You can visit our store here.

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