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Inside Look: Classes From The Crow – Part 2

We thought we’d share a little more about the Crow Cinematic Adventure. In the module, we do our best to show the expansiveness of the world. We saved the best update for last. Today, we’re going to explore the main class of the system: The Reborn.

While many of you think of Eric Draven or Ashe Corvin as the quintessential Reborn, we’ve expanded the world immensely. No longer will the undead be revisited by just one death spirit – the Crow – but by a pantheon of spirits. Yes, you can be bonded to a variety of death spirits including The Mastiff, The Butterfly, The Moth, The Snake, The Spider, and the Cat.

The Reborn Class

You are not truly alive, yet you walk the world once more. You have been returned to the world of the living by a spirit of death to fulfill some purpose, right some wrong, or take your vengeance. This spirit accompanies you on your quest, granting you its gifts to accomplish your task. Only when your mission is complete can you finally rest.

The Reborn is extremely difficult to put down, unable to truly die so long as their spirit ally is unharmed. They can reduce the damage they take, and recover from injuries they do take, so long as they have the focus to spend. They also have a variety of additional supernatural powers based on the spirit that has brought them back. At early levels, they will have to carefully decide how to spend their focus, while at higher levels they can wield their many powers much more freely.

Sample Talent

  • Reborn Body. Granted at level 1. Though animate, you are not truly alive. You count as a monster (undead) instead of a person (human), but you appear mostly alive. Your heart doesn’t beat and you are cold to the touch, but your body is restored from injury, rot, and decay, leaving you with only scars from the wounds that killed you.

Sample Power

  • Share Experience. As an action, you can spend 1 focus to share in an experience another person has had in their past as if you were the one experiencing it. This takes only a few seconds for you, even if the experience itself was originally much longer. In order to use this power, you must either touch a person’s eyes (they can be closed) or touch an object that was or is important to that person. If you touch a person’s eyes, you can name a specific experience to share, or you can choose to take the most intensely emotional experience the person has had in their life. If you touch an object, you view the most intensely emotional experience the person had concerning or near that object.

As you can see, we work with the best artists to ensure the highest quality roleplaying experience. If you haven’t picked up this Cinematic Adventure, now’s the time. You can visit our store here.

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