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Memorial Day: Honoring Heroes from the Battlefield at the Game Board

It is Memorial Day, a time for reflection, remembrance, and honoring those who serve in the Armed Forces. At Evil Genius Games, we recognize the profound sacrifices made by our military personnel, and we strive to pay appropriate homage to these heroes in our Everyday Heroes games. However, while war and combat are often central themes in tabletop role-playing games, there is a quantum difference between a game and the real experiences of those who serve. Nevertheless, we are committed to bridging some of that gap by creating more authentic and respectful representations of military life and heroism in our Everyday Heroes characters, products, and our developing Military Heroes game.

Bridging the Gap Between Games and Reality

While TTRPGs like Everyday Heroes often feature epic battles and heroic deeds, it is crucial to acknowledge that these are, ultimately, games. And in games, it can be easy to trivialize the realities and consequences of combat. Our aim is not to trivialize these experiences at all, but to create a space where all players can have fun while still appreciating and respecting the courage and dedication of military personnel. 

To ensure that our portrayals are accurate and respectful, we have integrated feedback and contributions from our community, especially from those who have served. Their insights have been invaluable in shaping the narratives and mechanics of our games, ensuring that we honor their experiences while providing a compelling gameplay experience.

Our community is full of inspiring stories and contributions from veterans and active-duty military gamers. These individuals bring a depth of knowledge and experience to our games that is truly unparalleled. Whether it is a veteran writer, a beloved GM who finds solace and camaraderie in our Discord community after returning from deployment, or an active-duty officer who uses TTRPGs as a way to unwind and connect with friends and family, we want to incorporate our veterans’ insights and experiences to add authenticity and depth to our gameplay. 

Improving Access for All

Access to games and fellow-gamers can be a real challenge for TTRPG players in the service. We hope that the integration of Discord, Dispatch, and eventually Sidekick makes access easier for everyone, including military personnel wherever they are stationed, to enjoy the games that they love with each other and others online. Through these integrations, we hope to ensure that our expanding community remains connected and engaged, allowing players to share their stories, strategies, and experiences. This synergy not only enhances the gaming experience, but it also fosters a sense of belonging, understanding, and respect.

Epic Adventures Await

So, as we celebrate Memorial Day, we at Evil Genius Games extend our deepest gratitude to all veterans and active-duty military personnel. Your bravery and sacrifice are a true embodiment of heroism. Through our games, we strive to honor your experiences and create a space where your stories can be shared, celebrated, and told, even as we provide the imaginative space for dramatic adventures and epic escapism. 

We invite all players to join our community to share in the camaraderie and mutual respect that defines us. Visit our website for more information and download links. Join our Organized-Play Program, E.G.O., and join the fun. Your next Everyday Heroes adventure awaits, and it is just a few clicks away.


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