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E.G.O. Blog – Episode 2

Hello there, and welcome to another episode of E.G.O.-Maniac Mondays – the weekly series of blogs keeping you up to date on the Evil Genius Organized-Play (E.G.O.) program!

I am very pleased to confirm that all four of our initial E.G.O. adventures went up for sale on our website last week right on schedule thanks to our amazing team, who you can read about in last week’s blog. We also posted volunteer (Goons & Minions) information, our E.G.O. code of conduct, and our E.G.O. “GO” (Gameplay Options) which goes into detail about a lot of the things this week’s entry will cover. You can find links to all of these pages on our main Organized Play page on the Evil Genius Games website!

We know that our players come with different experiences from other organized play programs, ranging from The Camarilla back in the 1990s all the way to modern-day Pathfinder Society or Adventurers League; but some of you are just getting into this for the first time, and I’m sure some of you are wondering, “how does all of this work?”

Organized play is a way of having a permanent gaming group that you can find anywhere in the world our games are played. Instead of needing to find a party of 4-6 players to balance character ideas with, as well as a Game Master whose schedules always align with your whole group’s, E.G.O. lets you attend games on your own whenever you want. If you show up every single time, or only a couple of times a year; both are just fine! Because all games are published adventures, all you need to do is to find a game you want to play and a character that hasn’t played that specific one just yet (see “repeating adventures” in our Gameplay Options for more information). The GM takes care of the rest through the Everyday Heroes Dispatch web app!

Everyday Heroes Dispatch is a revolutionary new system that sets E.G.O. apart from other organized play groups. Instead of tracking experience and gold on paper, or asking GMs to report game information into central databases, our app does it all from your phone, tablet, or computer. For now, it only tracks character name, archetype, class, and how many Milestone Points (MP) you’ve earned, but in the future it will be able to do much more! By using Dispatch to sign-in for games, your GMs can send information to us about how your games go, award MP to your characters, and also tell us what decisions you make during play. This last point is vital, since this info will be used by our creative team and authors to shape the very game world you play in!

We hope to have a video tour/tutorial of the Dispatch app available in the near future – stay tuned!

As for the adventures themselves, we are extremely happy to have the following games available for all of you to play:

  • E.G.O. Plot 01 – Seeking Redemption, by Michael Bramnik: An introduction to the world setting of Everyday Heroes and the REDEMPTION organization.
  • E.G.O. Plot 02 – Moving Right Along, by Bryan C.P. Steele: A chance for your heroes to have a bit of fun with some street racing while working for REDEMPTION.
  • E.G.O. Assignment 1-01: Meat: the Enemy, by Shan Wolf: The first true assignment for REDEMPTION, investigating reports of strange monsters cropping up all around the world!
  • E.G.O. Assignment 1-02: A Heist-Minded Plot, by Alex Speidel: REDEMPTION asks the heroes to perform a daring museum heist in order to stop an evil organization from doing it first!

With the publication of our rules and initial adventures plus the launch of our Dispatch app, it’s been a busy week! For those of you who are just joining organized play for the first time, though, rest assured that it’s not nearly as complicated as it might look at first glance. Imagine that our Gameplay Options are just a simple rules supplement from a GM, guiding you through character creation and also what options you can use from which books – because that’s really what it is, for the most part!

Beyond that, if you haven’t joined our Discord server yet, please do so – we have an ever-growing population of players and Evil Minions who are always looking to talk about characters and games with anyone who wants to hang around with us.

If you’re already starting to play E.G.O. and have some fun stories and/or pictures from your events, please send them to [email protected] if you’d like to see them featured in a future blog! Happy gaming, and thank you for continuing to join your E.G.O.s to ours!

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