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Mission, Vision, and Values

In an earlier post, we discussed the need to create the company’s mission, vision, and values to create a company culture where its employees can thrive. I’m happy to report that we had a full day offsite where everyone had a chance to explore and contribute to these ideals. In the end, we walked away with an amazing set of missions, visions, and values that we could all get behind. Here is what we came up with.


Here at Evil Genius Games, we are the masterminds behind developing quality, accessible tools that inspire the community to enjoy fun, modern game experiences that are inclusive of all.


To be the ultimate, modern-day, gaming ecosystem. We will do this by:

  • Offering a welcoming community in which creators, GMs, and players can come together to contribute to an expansive and fun, modern gaming world.
  • Providing a safe place for professionals in this industry to contribute, innovate, and make high-quality products that they are proud of.
  • Pushing the envelope to improve gameplay in ways that set positive examples for the industry.
  • Supporting programs that foster community and provide a safe place for players from every walk of life.


  • Communication: Sharing information in a timely, effective, and personable way, so that everyone has a clear understanding of what is happening now and what we plan to do moving forward. As shown by the following examples:
    • We are clear on the difference between aspirations and plans when we communicate them.
    • We listen to each other in earnest before making decisions.
    • We put our key decisions that will impact others in writing, so that we can all work to the same ends.
    • Key decisions are communicated to everyone who may be impacted by them as soon as possible.
    • We listen to our fans and use their feedback to better serve them whenever possible.
    • We should state a clear reason behind every decision and a clear goal for all our work.
    • We speak out when we see or hear something of concern to us and we address the person directly. We respect whether that feedback should be in private or in public.
    • We strive to collaborate with one another so that we can benefit from one another’s expertise and experience.
  • Quality: Maintaining high standards in all aspects of our company, so that our content accurately reflects the love and care that we put into creating it.
    • We don’t make a promise without a plan to fulfill it. As shown by the following examples:
    • We pay attention to details, especially in matters involving contracts, law, and the quality of our products.
    • We accept critique thoughtfully and reply respectfully, understanding that the purpose of critique is to help us become better at our work.
    • We invest our time in creating efficient processes that make repeated tasks easier and more effective.
    • When something isn’t working, we make the process better or find a better way to do it next time.
    • We make quality products with love and passion. We don’t take shortcuts or call it “good enough” when we have the chance to do better.
  • Integrity: Demonstrating honesty, transparency, and ethical behavior in everything that we do, and prioritizing what is right for our customers. As shown by the following examples:
    • When we make a promise, we do everything that we can to fulfill it by prioritizing the work needed to fulfill it.
    • We spend money wisely, always thoughtful about how the spending can give us a return on our investment and taking into account past experiences.
    • We take time to make sure that what we are saying is accurate by doing the research necessary to become knowledgeable about the topic we are addressing, and by consulting any staff members who are experts on the topic.
  • Appreciation: Showing gratitude and thanks for the successes and support that help us to reach our goals. As shown by the following examples:
    • Everyone involved in making our games is important and valued, from the top to bottom, including our fans.
    • We also give critique constructively and openly, offering support and encouragement even when identifying mistakes or problems.
    • We offer kind words whenever possible, noting when people do their work well, even if it’s exactly what is expected of them.
  • Authenticity: We speak and act without pretense, being both honest and earnest about who we are and what we do. As shown by the following examples:
    • We seek help and guidance without shame, and we offer help and guidance without shaming.
    • We are honest with the fans about what we are doing and why we are doing it.
    • We answer questions earnestly by answering directly when we can,  and, when we are not sure of the answer, or we cannot answer, we admit to it, and explain why this is the case.
    • We understand that none of us are perfect and that each of us can learn and grow, so long as we make the effort to do so.
  • Inclusion: In our work and in our products, we encourage a diversity of thought, identity, expression, and representation, so that gamers of all sorts are welcome to explore, create, and roleplay. As shown by the following examples:
    • Our games represent the diversity of our world and our imaginations.
    • We think before we speak and try to be equally respectful of everyone.
    • We make games that a diversity of people can relate to and enjoy.
    • We listen to the gaming community to learn how to better serve their needs and desires.

As the Evil Genius Games community, we’d love to hear your thoughts.

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