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Getting ready for Origins was a huge task, and special credit goes to our Executive Administrative Assistant and all-around Everyday Hero, Haley, for pulling it all together. And by all accounts, the convention was a rounding success. At the booth, customers, stores, peer companies, trade association reps, and others came by to express their enthusiasm and support for our products and company. We also received inquiries and pitches from game makers, inquiries and portfolios from writers and artists, and lost of contact information from game manufacturers who are eager to work with us and enthusiastic about Evil Genius Games.

At the tables, our GMs and volunteers were awesome and worked very hard to make the games great. We owe an immense debt of thanks to them for putting their talents and time into making Origins a success. They were:

Curtis Baum – Christi Baum – Clayton Harbaugh – Nathan Pillion – Derek Poppink 

Nadia Palacios – Spencer – Jacob Seward – Alan Winterrowd – Alaa Najm 

Raymond Piper – Adam Hawkins – Sam O’Reilly – Robin Jones  

I’ll have some more pictures coming from ReCon, Kubla Con, Gary Con, and hopefully others coming up. If you were running Everyday Heroes–especially E.G.O. adventures—at a convention, please send me pics if you have them (and I can use them) so I can show them! But for now, enjoy some pictures of our Origins Highlander multitable event with special guest Adrian Paul. Hopefully we’ll get one of you at the multitable event at Gen Con. 

While you’re at it, why don’t you join E.G.O. and get a few games in before Season 1 ends in prep for the multitable event?  Join E.GO. here: https://forms.gle/kSnZF8n6devQhqHb7







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