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What’s in store for 2024!

Evil Genius Games began with humble origins, kindled by a nostalgic love for a game named d20 Modern. This game, published over twenty years ago by Wizards of the Coast, was crafted by the talents of Bill Slavicsek, Jeff Grubb, Rich Redman, and Charles Ryan. Oh, how I adored immersing myself in that game, envisioning myself as the protagonist of my very own action film.

With the assistance of Jeff Grubb, I was able to revive the game under the banner of Everyday Heroes. Jeff gathered a remarkable design team, including Sigfried Trent, Goober Ramsay, and Stan! Soon after, we commenced our creative journey.

Fast forward to 2024. We have successfully launched Everyday Heroes along with eight captivating Cinematic Adventures—all within a single year. The reception has been overwhelmingly positive. Players across the globe have embraced the game, and our entire portfolio boasts an almost flawless score on DriveThruRPG. I take immense pride in stating that we’ve established an exceptional gaming platform for modern RPG gameplay.

As we venture into this year, surpassing our inaugural year’s accomplishments seems like a formidable challenge. The exhilaration of producing numerous games within a year was thrilling, yet undeniably exhausting. This year, we’re adopting a slightly different approach.

Top Priorities

We’ve dubbed 2024 the “Year of Playability.” Our focus will be directed toward three initiatives aimed at enhancing the play experience of our game and broadening our appeal to a larger audience. Here are our priorities for the year, in no specific order:

Organized Play: This year marks the launch of our first season of organized play, named the E.G.O. program. This ten-episode series begins with your heroes being enlisted by a secretive agency known as REDEMPTION. Your agents will go up against the mysterious and menacing secret society.

Supporting this endeavor is our innovative Dispatch app. Dispatch streamlines the process of locating and registering for local games. It also simplifies session logging, eliminating the hassle of cumbersome paperwork.

Online Tools: We’ve been developing an online platform called “Sidekick.” This platform provides digital access to our products, reminiscent of D&D Beyond. It enables users to browse and utilize our core rulebook, create characters, and plan sessions—all online. We anticipate that the initial version of this platform will be accessible for beta testing in the upcoming months.

More Resources: To enrich the game, we introduced The Vault—a compendium of the rules we formulated over the last year. Stay tuned for “Bonus Features” that will continue expanding the scope of our game rules and content for play.

The Armory: Our next major release will be The Armory, the ultimate guide to modern armaments. This collection will feature stat blocks for over 700 weapons and other combat gear, ranging from flintlock pistols to laser rifles.

The Legendary Bundle: This year is set to fulfill our second Kickstarter by releasing the Legendary Bundle.

  • Pacific Rim: Dominion of Iron: For Pacific Rim enthusiasts, we’re releasing the cinematic adventure path Dominion of Iron. This extensive narrative guides your adventurers from level 1 to level 10, as they protect humanity from giant Kaiju menaces.
  • Pacific Rim: Jaeger Codex: The Jaeger Codex equips you with the necessary tools to conceive and construct your very own Jaeger.
  • Kong Skull Island: Isle of the Damned: For Kong, we’ve crafted a cinematic adventure set on the accursed isle. As a team of scientists summoned by Monarch, you’re tasked with studying the island, only to find threats both old and new, determined to confront Kong.
  • Kong Skull Island: Cryptid Codex: This comprehensive codex serves as the ultimate bestiary for Skull Island, detailing a collection of the island’s lethal flora and fauna. All new creatures were approved as part of the Kong canon!

New Product Lines

Last year, we discussed several potential product line expansions that we were eager to explore. Let’s delve into the three product lines we’re currently developing:

Everyday Arcana: Catering to magic aficionados, we’re actively developing an urban fantasy setting entitled Everyday Arcana. As the spiritual successor to Urban Arcana, this series provides the necessary tools to integrate and utilize magic in a contemporary context. This expansive series will encompass several books laying out the details of the world.

Military Heroes: This series offers a tactical layer compatible with the core mechanics of Everyday Heroes. It elevates the challenge of any TTRPG session by introducing an unprecedented level of realism and tactics. Players will need to master every detail of combat to survive perilous combat scenarios. The system will include wound and hit locations, morale, unit cohesion, calling artillery, and much more. I assure you that this experience will be uniquely challenging and compelling.

Intergalactic Heroes: We are well underway with the development of our official entry into the science fiction gaming space with our own system. We’re in a great position to utilize our accumulated game mechanics to create an original sci-fi universe. 

Initially, we aimed to release all products this year. However, we’ve opted to postpone their launch until we can ensure they meet our stringent and increasing quality standards. While this may be disappointing, we plan to initiate an open beta test for each product within this calendar year.

Lastly, let’s talk about Cinematic Adventures. We believe that the name Cinematic Adventure doesn’t do the books justice. It’s not just a set of adventures, but a whole new set of mechanics to play with. Therefore, we will rename them Cinematic Sourcebooks moving forward. The term Cinematic Adventures will be used for IP-related adventures that we will be releasing from time to time.

Cinematic Sourcebooks

Existing Cinematic Sourcebooks: With several franchise reboots underway, we’re excited to be releasing several new supplements for a few of our more popular Cinematic Sourcebooks. Expect expansion material for The Crow, Highlander, Pacific Rim, and Kong this year. This includes a deep dive into the anticipated Pacific Rim Black content.  

Future Cinematic Sourcebooks: While we had planned to release several IP licensed material each year, the Hollywood strikes slowed down our ability to make licensing deals. Since then, the conversations have resumed and we should have some exciting licenses to announce in the coming months. Look for these games to be published in 2025.


The journey ahead is lengthy and thrilling, and we’re enthusiastic about the offerings we plan to introduce. To keep abreast of the latest details regarding our upcoming releases, we invite you to join our discussions on our Discord channel. Or look for us at the many conventions being held throughout the year.



Louis Porter Jr
I am very interested in all the future projects...
Todd Mandeville
I am in for the ride with you all. Been great working with everyone. Cant wait
David Scott
Yes, we will set release dates in the next few months.
Brandon Kolber
can we get projected release dates?


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