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Our Technology Code of Ethics

Dear Supporters,

I consider Evil Genius Games a forward-thinking, tabletop RPG publisher. In addition to publishing an amazing set of games for the modern era, we’re excited to release a digital experience that enhances gameplay online and in real life. 

As a gamer, entrepreneur, and lover of technology, I’m excited about the prospect of bringing new technologies to make TTRPG gaming experiences convenient and fun. During our technological exploration, we had several conversations within the company about how emerging technologies could or could not be utilized in the service of making a better gameplay experience. Some people didn’t like that we were exploring these technologies, but I felt that the healthy debate was important.

After a healthy discussion of emerging technologies, we decided to create a technology code of ethics and lay out an official position with regards to the more controversial technology trends of our current times: AI Generated Content and Blockchain.

#1: Evil Genius Games will never knowingly use Artificial Intelligence to replace artists or writers in the creation of our gaming products.

Note: Due to the sophistication of AI systems and the fact that nearly all of our creative team are freelancers, it is impossible to be 100% certain that AI is not used by everyone we contract with. That said, we will be taking pains to make our standard known to our creative team and to review the work for any clear signs of AI use.

#2: Evil Genius Games will not use Blockchain or Cryptocurrency technologies in the building or operation of its technology platform.

Note: In full disclosure, some of EGGs investors, such as the Blockchain Founders Fund, are significantly invested in Web3 startups. That said, we have an understanding with these investors that we are not a Web3 company and will not be using blockchain technology.

#3: Evil Genius Games will not sell, give away, or share any customer data whatsoever.


Today our technology code of ethics is short, but as new technologies emerge, we will continue to be thoughtful as to their social impacts. In the meantime, I wanted to be clear about what Evil Genius Games stands for and what technologies we will not be using to achieve our mission of creating an amazing modern-day TTRPG experience. 


Thank you!

D. Todd Scott


David Scott
Hey Folks, there have been some strange rumors floating around that we may be selling customer data. This is not the case. Two years, ago, when we set up our first website, we made it clear in our Privacy Policy that we would not share our data and we have stuck to that commitment. Therefore, I am adding it to our technology code of ethics to make it extremely clear.
David Scott
We agreed to not use Artificial Intelligence in October and Blockchain in December. But apparently, I wasn't emphatic enough. So when the resignations happened, I went back to my team to see what we should do. one of them suggested making a commitment publicly. That is how the Technology Code of Ethics came to be.
David Scott
Hi Timothy, that's not our intention. I'm open to any revision to our code that reflects that.
Timothy Ryan
Seems like you still leave open the opportunity to use blockchain for rights management and royalties for UGC from your content creators. You might also offer blockchain transactions for digital copies of games so players can resell their digital games the same way they buy and sell used board games.
Dally B
Curious that a code of ethics needs to be posted after multiple resignations.


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Our Technology Code of Ethics

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