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the crow: Introducing Ritual Magic

We thought we’d share a little more about the Crow Cinematic Adventure. In the module, we do our best to show the expansiveness of the world. Here is an example.

Ritual Magic

Magic exists in the world of the Crow. Well, Ritual Magic that is. Play with the fates and deal with the consequences. This artwork is from talented artist Bhavesh Visram.

Sample Ritual

Anyone can attempt a ritual spell. Here is a quick look at one of the spells available to anyone who dares a ritual:

Conjure the Dead

With this ritual, the caster can bring forth a recently deceased spirit and speak with it. When successfully cast, the soul of one person named by the caster appears before them for up to 1 minute. This soul cannot interact with the world, and only the caster can see it. It is under no compulsion to aid the caster.

Research. Standard. This is not a spell that is publicly available, but it can be found in many legitimate books on the occult. Access to an occult library or a book purchased from a legitimate occult store with a Price of 3 is enough to find the spell.

Requirements. You must cast this spell at the location the spirit died. Casting it requires at least four participants to join hands. You must draw a circle around you and your group in salt and speak the spirit’s name.

Casting Difficulty. Standard. This spell has a DC of 10. If you fail by 5 or more, the salt circle is broken and one of you is possessed by a spirit of the GM’s choice, which controls their body until it is exorcised.

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