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Two New Ways to Boost Your Online E.G.O.

Here at E.G.O. Headquarters, we’re paying special attention to those in our E.G.O. Everyday Heroes community who run and play games online. We aim to simplify how online Goons (GMs) and players connect to arrange, find, and play games. And we aim to give those who run online E.G.O. games 

I. Channel Your Online E.G.O.

What better place to facilitate this than our E.G.O. Program channels on the Evil Genius Games Discord server? Discord provides access to program files, helpful advice, E.G.O. announcements, a community of Everyday Heroes, and direct access to program volunteers and staff.

Whether you run or play your E.G.O. games online only occasionally or consistently, you now have access to channels specifically intended to help online gamers overcome three formidable challenges: finding each other, finding scheduled games, and finding a common place to play. You’ll find these channels under “THE E.G.O. PROGRAM” on Discord:

  • #virtual-e.g.o.-find-and-arrange-games (invite: https://discord.gg/sB2A9mxqmp) for those looking to arrange and join games.
  • #virtual-ego-post-games-dispatch-code-and-link (invite: https://discord.gg/ZxcemdvuGd) for posting scheduled games (which may have open seats).
  • Two Game Rooms for groups to use while playing E.G.O. games.

Note: Audio channels are not closed: you can spectate in as an E.G.O. member. However, if you’re not actively playing, please refrain from interfering with the game: keep your mic muted and avoid communicating with the players or GM during the game through DMs or otherwise. Let the GM and players enjoy their game without interruption, unless they specifically invite audience participation. Otherwise, the rule for the audience is “don’t interfere, interrupt, or distract.”

II. Join In or Watch as the Entire E.G.O. Season 1 Plays Out With Goober Ramsley, Gen Giggles, and All On The Table

At Evil Genius Games, we believe RPGs should be accessible and enjoyable for everyone. We strive for our gaming universe to reflect the vibrant diversity of our community and to make immersive, high-quality games for all to play and enjoy. We’re committed to ensuring every player finds a welcoming space in our world, and that our games reflect our belief in inclusivity, representation, and the transformative power of gaming.

We’re proud to announce that you can join (one or more sessions) or watch the entire E.G.O. Season 1 as it unfolds Sundays at 7:30 p.m. Eastern (4:30 p.m. Pacific) with All On the Table (AOTT). AOTT focuses on providing gaming space for LGBTQIA+ and other voices, and runs games that create safe spaces for all to enjoy TTRPGs together.

So, starting Sunday, March 24, join Goober Ramsley, Gen Giggles of AOTT, and a brave group of REDEMPTION agents as they embark on adventures to thwart a villainous group’s plans. Currently, one slot is available March 24, and two slots are available after that. If you are interested in joining for one or more sessions as the season progresses, please message Goober (@goober4473, they/them) or Gen (@gen_giggles, she/her/hers) on Discord. Need access to our Discord? Email me ([email protected]) for an invite!

To catch All On The Table live, visit Twitch at https://www.twitch.tv/allonthetablerpgs?sr=a; to watch later, visit YouTube at https://youtube.com/@AllOnTheTableRPGs?si=5fePrO7r-fxvZnXL.

AOTT is also on Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/allonthetablerpgs/) and Patreon (https://www.patreon.com/AllOnTheTable?utm_campaign=creatorshare_fan).

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