Community Guidelines


The goals of this community are to tell amazing stories and enhance the experience at the table whether our games are being played or not. We want to add positivity to the TTRPG hobby, through the content we make and the people we inspire. To meet the goals of this community, it’s important for members to feel like they are in a safe place that is populated by people with shared interests. As such, we request that you read and adhere to the guidelines that follow.


  • Treat others online as you would treat them in real life.
  • Be tolerant towards others’ viewpoints; respectfully disagree when opinions do not align.
  • Respect the privacy and personal information of other members.
  • Communicate with courtesy and respect.
  • Keep in mind that empathy goes a very long way.

Please Do Not

  • Make personal attacks on other community members
  • Use defamatory remarks or make false statements against others
  • Post prejudiced comments or profanity
  • Bully or make inflammatory remarks to other community members
  • Our community is intended to keep members in touch with one another, help facilitate networking, and to promote common interests.


We will take action when we see someone violating these guidelines. Sometimes that just means giving someone a warning; other times it means revoking certain privileges or accounts entirely. We request that all community members report behavior that violates our guidelines to [email protected].


By participating in our community, you are considered to be in agreement with the terms and conditions listed above.

How to Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Privacy Policy Agreement related to our website, please feel free to contact us at the following email, telephone number or mailing address. Email: [email protected]