The Armory

The Armory

The Armory Guide will be the definitive guide to weapons and equipment featuring over 500 unique items. Find it with Military Heroes on Gamefound, Available later this year.

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What's Inside

The Armory is the definitive guide for weapons and related equipment featuring over 500 unique weapons, from sharp sticks to Rocket Propelled Grenade Launchers (RPGs). The Armory expands on the weapons and rules in the Everyday Heroes Core Rulebook. In addition, The Armory adds new weapon ammunition, including incendiary/tracer rounds, high explosive ammunition, and flechettes. You will also find weapons modifications so characters can express themselves both aesthetically and violently!

Featured Content

  • Early weapons, because musketeers, pirates, and cowboys are cool
  • Historical weapons, because no one wants to fight Nazi undead unarmed
  • Weapon modifications, from personalization to specialization
  • Modern weapons for contemporary espionage and crime-busting
  • Near-future weapons to stand against the relentless alien invaders
  • Ammunition variants from incendiary rounds to flechettes
  • Tons of GM advice for issues around reliability, realism levels, and controlling access to military and police firepower.

The Cool Factor

Does the weapon your character carries express something about your character? Does your detailed preparation for a game mission include which weapons and how much ammunition to carry for each? If so, The Armory is the book for you. This book will help you remember the differences between specific weapons to enhance your roleplaying, excite your imagination, and increase your character’s combat effectiveness. But beware - everything your character can use is also available to their adversaries!

About The Armory

  • Over 500 weapons, including both melee and firearms
  • New ammunition types
  • Rules and equipment for modifying weapons
  • GM guidance for weapon-related game issues, like weapons restrictions and reliability
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