To Dethrone A Dictator

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Located off the East Coast of Africa, the Kingdom of Estwara is several hundred years old, but the monarchy was crumbling by the mid-1960s, and the country was headed toward becoming a republic. Unfortunately, that is when oil was found on the island, and money coming in from the oil companies propped up the monarchy on the island and provided jobs for the local populace. But 10 years ago, the wells ran dry. The oil companies stopped supporting the kingdom and it quickly descended into poverty. By this time, only the youngest son of the original king was alive. To prevent anarchy from reigning, he hired foreign mercenaries and local soldiers to keep himself in power, resorting to extreme measures to do so. Few reports were leaked from the island, due to suppression by the king’s soldiers, but even if they hadn’t, other countries would have been unlikely to interfere. Due to its location, the island could provide a strategic advantage to many African or Middle Eastern countries — to keep from fighting over the island, they simply left it alone. The Estwaran people never forgot their freedom though, and a rebellion has been brewing for years. But they do not have many weapons, nor do they have much experience fighting, leaving them at the mercy of the king’s men. At great risk, they reached out to REDEMPTION — a group that covertly hires those who have fallen out of the system, but who have useful experience in “freelance operations”. REDEMPTION is now sending in a team to help the locals. It is up to our heroes to help the rebels, conquer the capital, and isolate the King, so that the islanders may be free once more.