Hello Everyday Gamers! Bryan C.P. Steele here; author, designer, general professional nerd… and Producer of Sci Fi Games at Evil Genius. I’m here, riding all these electrons and digitrons and other faux-technical jargon to bring you some really cool news.

It is no secret that E.G.G. is a tech-savvy gaggle of gamers making gamified awesomeness for a variety of licenses, settings, and situations. In fact, I’d say that is kind of our claim to fame. Well, just like the home versions (I would say DVDs… but that dates me a bit) of the movies and shows our products emulate, there is often something special we want to give players access to, or maybe something that didn’t quite make it into the book due to page counts, etc. What if I told you that we have come up with a plan to make that stuff available, after all?

Introducing… Bonus Features & Deleted Scenes. These digital products, available through the various channels you can get electronic copies of our other publications, allow us to give you inexpensive chunks of game rules, Hero assets, adventures, and more! Bonus Features are ideas and game assets that are not quite expansive enough (yet!) to warrant creating a printed publication, but still something that we know Everyday Heroes fans would love to have and enjoy. Our first two Bonus Feature series, The Agency Files and Outlaw Bikers, are each three-part collections of pdf products that add something new and interesting to the Evil Genius Games product line. The Agency Files introduce, unsurprisingly, The Agency—a somewhat familiar concept of well-dressed clandestine agents that protect and defend Earth from extraterrestrial threats with fun, advanced technologies, and maybe a one-liner or two. Outlaw Bikers introduces the world surrounding the Evergreen Knights, an outlaw motorcycle club that could be used as allies, enemies, or perhaps a home for the Heroes themselves in your Everyday Heroes games. There are more Bonus Features on the schedule too, but these first two series are going to set the stage for many adventures!

Deleted Scenes are the game assets and materials that are, unfortunately, forced to be cut from a final production manuscript before it heads off to print. Much like a director’s cut of a film or special episodes of a television series, our Deleted Scenes pdf products take the cut materials, spruce them up, and then give them their own release! We never want our writers’ hard work to go ignored or unappreciated, so we plan to use these additional products to make sure they get into the players’ hands, too. Some of the additional material that ended up coming in for the upcoming Cinematic Adventure Path for Pacific Rim, Dominion of Iron made the manuscript much bigger than we originally intended, and rather than editing out too much of the great work that came in, these materials will be eventually available in one of these Deleted Scenes pdf products. More on that in the future, though.

Stay tuned for more, Everyday Gamers, because starting with The Agency Files – Part One: The Mysterious Agent and Evergreen Knights: Outlaw Bikers, we have a ton of great Bonus Features & Deleted Scenes products headed your way!

Try to leave every room a little happier than when you got there, and we’ll keep trying to give you the tools to do so. Until next time, folks! Go play some games!

Bryan C.P. Steele, Producer of Sci Fi Games