Evil Genius Games has “amicably settled” a lawsuit with Netflix over a now-cancelled Rebel Moon RPG. Refunds are soon to follow. Evil Genius Games, maker of RPGs licensed from movies, including Pacific RimThe CrowEscape from New York, and Rambo, has settled its lawsuit against streaming giant Netflix. The suit, which was filed in September last year, alleged a Breach of Contract when work on a now-cancelled Rebel Moon RPG was terminated. Read More

Back in September, Evil Genius Games filed a lawsuit against the streaming company Netflix. The lawsuit involved the studio developing an officially licensed Rebel Moon TTRPG, then Netflix terminating the contract. Now, that lawsuit has been resolved. Read More

Late last year, the news broke that the exciting new kid on the RPG block, Evil Genius Games, was suing Netflix over the Rebel Moon TTRPG. Read More

The tabletop studio that developed a now-cancelled RPG for Zack Snyder’s science-fiction film Rebel Moon – Part One: A Child of Fire has “amicably” settled its lawsuit with Netflix. Evil Genius Games found itself at odds with the giant streaming platform after Netflix accused the studio of breaching its confidentiality agreement at GAMA in 2023. Read More

Netflix has settled a lawsuit with Evil Genius Games over a cancelled Rebel Moon tabletop RPG. Earlier today, Evil Genius Games sent an email stating that their dispute with Netflix over a scrapped RPG set in the world of Zack Snyder’s Rebel Moon had been resolved. “The parties are pleased that they were able to amicably resolve this dispute. Netflix thanks Evil Genius for their hard work and professionalism,” the email reads. Evil Genius Games confirmed that they would not be releasing a game based on Rebel Moon, but had another sci-fi project in the pipeline. Read More