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Guest Blog: Epic Table Games

I came across Everyday Heroes sometime in 2022, and it quickly caught my interest. I kept an eye on it, and the a chance to review it around Christmas that year. I couldn’t help but think, “This system nails D&D mechanics even better than D&D itself.”

Fast forward to GenCon 2023, where I had a chat with Dave Scott and Steve Ireland. We were talking about the history of where Epic Table Games came from, and how Evil Genius Games got their start. Talking future plans, and big dreams when someone mentioned third party publisher potential. I distinctly remember seeing an “Everyday Heroes Compatible Adventure” at a booth somewhere in the convention. Unable to find it, I promised to Dave– if we couldn’t locate it, I’d create my own. That’s how “Rise of the Street Legends” was born.

This adventure is all about kung fu vibes, taking inspiration from classic martial arts movies. You team up with Detective Hanzo Midori and Grandmaster Chen from the “House of Legends” to take down the Rising Serpents. But here’s the twist – there’s always another over-the-top, loosely connected bad guy waiting around the corner!

If you’re into old-school kung fu films and enjoy the thrill of escalating conflicts, “Rise of the Street Legends” is perfect for you. Good news – it dropped just after Christmas, although I swear it was ready before that. Dive into the action and bring some high-kicking nostalgia to your tabletop gaming sessions!

Eric from Epic Table Games

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