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Level Up and Join the Goon Squad!

Leveling Up from Player to GM with E.G.O.

In the realm of TTRPGs, every new player begins a journey into vast, uncharted worlds. But what if this journey could lead you from being a participant at the table to becoming an architect of adventure? The Evil Genius Organized-Play (E.G.O.) program offers you just such a path. We’re looking for enthusiastic players to become “Evil Goons” (GMs) who guide others through epic Everyday Heroes narratives. However, this transformative leap is not just about leading games; it’s about taking on a pivotal role within a community that celebrates creativity, collaboration, and the joy of gaming.

The First Step: Entering the World of E.G.O.

For newcomers, E.G.O. serves as an accessible gateway into the world of TTRPGs. With short-form adventures, an innovative app (Dispatch), Discord channels, participating FLGSs and other venues, and a growing online community, players can find games to fit their schedules, join adventures that spark their interest, and track their characters’ progress and achievements. Based on the Everyday Heroes RPG system, E.G.O. offers players the opportunity to become an Everyday Hero in a dynamic and evolving world of action, adventure, and hijinks as they save the world—and reality itself—from disaster and destruction.

Roll for Initiative: Make Your Leap from Player to Goon

Besides facing your first character sheet, one of the most daunting moments in TTRPGs can be the initial leap from being a player to becoming a GM. If you’re interested in making that leap, the E.G.O. program is here to help you with a wealth of resources and support. As a Goon, you will not only have access to the resources you need (Starter Guides, adventures, character sheets, maps, gameplay options, and more), but you will also have an incredibly supportive and knowledgeable E.G.O. community at your back. Dedicated Minions, Assassins, and Lieutenants, a Volunteer Coordinator, other Discord members, and, of course, your Friendly Organized-Play Manager (me) are all here to assist. So, if you are interested in taking that leap from playing games to running your own adventures, let us know through the volunteer interest form below.

Goon Boon: The Rewards of Being a GM

Becoming a Goon in the E.G.O. program is not just about the responsibilities; it’s also about the rewards. Goons earn “Evil Credits” for running games, which can be redeemed for in-game rewards for your own E.G.O. characters and for discounts on Evil Genius products. But perhaps more importantly, as a GM, you have the unique opportunity to belong and contribute to a gaming community as you craft memorable experiences, bring stories to life, and provide guidance for heroes navigating the challenges and triumphs of the game. There is a profound sense of satisfaction in witnessing players’ excitement, engagement, and growth, and it’s one of the most precious rewards of being an E.G.O. Goon.

Building a Vibrant Community

And at its core, that’s what the E.G.O. program is all about: building a vibrant, inclusive gaming community in which players from diverse backgrounds and walks of life can work together to save the world as Everyday Heroes. By transitioning from player to Goon, you contribute to a cycle of engagement and growth that benefits everyone involved: stores see increased foot traffic and sales, players enjoy a rich array of gaming experiences, GMs develop leadership and storytelling skills that extend beyond the gaming table, and welcoming TTRPG communities are formed.

Your Path Forward

So, if you’ve ever dreamed of leading your own TTRPG adventures, there’s no better time to start than now. The E.G.O. program is designed to support your journey and to help you feel prepared, supported, and excited to take up the GM’s mantle. Whether you’re interested in running games set in the action-packed world of REDEMPTION, the gritty world of Military Heroes, or the magical mysteries of Everyday Arcana, E.G.O. offers you a gateway to becoming not just a participant in the world of TTRPGs but a creator of worlds, a guide for heroes, and an engaging storyteller. 

Join E.G.O. and let us assist you on your journey from player to GM today. Just fill out this short form (https://forms.gle/XnLpsSobj5rp3WBv5), and we’ll get you started!

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