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Some Good News for Your E.G.O

It is always a pleasure to share good news. And today, I have not one but three pieces of good news about the E.G.O. Program to share. 

#1: The Layout Logjam Has Broken!

At last, after a frustrating delay in layout (we had to switch layout designers mid-stream),Thomas Pugh’s  E.G.O. Assignment 3: All Rhodes Lead to REDEMPTION is now up on our website! This is a crazy-fun adventure that takes REDEMPTION agents under and over the waves of the Aegean to confront one of the ancient Wonders of the World come to life. In thanks for everyone’s patience, All Rhodes Lead to REDEMPTION is on a 22% discount ($6.99 instead of the regular $8.99) for the next week, ending May 26th. Get yours before the colossal (pun intended) savings stride out of sight!

#2: Dispatch 2.0 Is In The Offing!

The Dev Team has been hard at work. Last week, Dave shared with me mockups of the new-and-improved Dispatch app coming soon to your E.G.O. game play and I am beyond excited about the upcoming release. Nearly everything that our GMs and players requested has been addressed. Without going into the exact details (because I want to do that in a blog when the new release comes out), I will say (spoiler alert) that some of new features include: 

  • Better functionality for online GMs and players, including in-app links to game urls and VTTs.  
  • In-game messaging for improved communication among GMs and players. 
  • The ability to register new players with an email address on the fly.  
  • The ability to “pause” a game for a week when an adventure runs long or real life intervenes.
  • Better search functions, including a FLGS finder and the ability to request a game at a location. 
  • Information about the volunteers associated with a FLGS or venue, with contact information for players. 

#3: The E.G.O. Program is Growing Up!

The E.G.O. Program is reaching puberty. You know, that awkward stage marking the transition from childhood to adolescence on the way to becoming an adult? Since our birthday in late January, we have made some steps, some stumbles and falls, and some major leaps on the way to finding our feet. Now, with over 125 volunteers and 50 stores (and counting) across 32 US States and 7 countries, a growing online presence, 3 clubs, an expanding number of conventions, and a partridge in a pear tree, it’s time for our gangly limbs to start developing some muscle and coordination. And with the developments in Dispatch and Sidekick moving forward, our production starting to roll, Gen Con firmed up, and planning for a new season looming just over the horizon, there’s a lot to grow into.  

So, over the next couple of weeks I will be working on refining and more clearly defining volunteer roles and responsibilities by level (Goon, Minion, Assassin, Lieutenant), and giving them clearer focus and structure. I also want to better align the reward tiers to these roles, and to work with Dave, Haley, and the Dev Team to ensure that we can deliver the rewards and perks to our players and volunteers without confusion or delay. Once this is done, I am going to work with folks to make sure that everyone has the role that they want, is clear on what that role entails, and feels empowered and supported in doing it. 

I’m sure that there will be growing pains, just as there always are at puberty. But I am more optimistic than ever that the Organized-Play Program at Evil Genius Games is here to stay and on its way to becoming the mature organized-play program of which our Everyday Heroes community can be proud, and in which our E.G.O. players, GMs, volunteers, and participating retailers thrive and have fun.   

More to come!


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