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urban arcana CONTESTS IS OPEN

The Low Down (TL;DR)

  • Evil Genius is launching its Urban Arcana refresh
  • Inviting fans to submit their ideas for the world
  • Submissions are open until April 20th, 2023
  • Submit your idea now!
  • For more information check out our previous blog entry.

Hello, Evil Fans,

As of today, you can submit your 200-word submissions for our Urban Arcana campaign setting. Do you have a great concept for magic in the modern world? Then submit your ideas today for a chance to be selected for a 50,000-word writing contract. The window is open until April 20th, 2023.

Here are the Rules:

  1. Eligibility: The submission contest for the Urban Arcana reboot is open to individuals or teams aged 18 or older, except employees or contractors of Evil Genius Games and their immediate family members.
  2. Entry Requirements: The game submission must meet the following requirements:
    1. The submission must be an original creation and not a copy or adaptation of an existing game.
    2. The first submission must be no longer than 200 words.
    3. The Semifinalist submission must be no longer than 1,000 words.
    4. The game must be submitted by the designated deadline.
  3. Setting Requirements
    1. The setting must reflect our modern world and its technology
    2. The setting must include magic and spellcasting
    3. The setting must include non-human species from fantasy or folklore
    4. The setting content must be suitable for young-adult players
  4. Judging Criteria: Things we are looking for
    1. Overall creativity and originality
    2. An explanation of why magic exists
    3. An exciting and interesting world
  5. Prizes: winner and semi-finalists will be awarded the following prizes:
    1. Winner: Will be paid a $5,000 contract to write a 50,000-word lore based on their idea.
    2. Semifinalists: Will be paid $100 for their submission
  6. Intellectual Property Rights: If chosen as the winner, the participant agrees to transfer all intellectual property rights to Evil Genius Games. All other participants retain all rights to their entries.
  7. Disqualification: Any submission that violates the entry requirements or contains inappropriate content will be disqualified from the contest.
  8. Announcement of Winners: The winner will be announced on August 3rd, 2023, on Evil Genius Games’ website and social media channels.
  9. Changes to Contest Rules: Evil Genius Games reserves the right to make changes to the contest rules, including the judging criteria and prize amounts, at any time.
  10. Contact Information: For any questions or concerns regarding the submission contest, please contact [email protected].

Here are the important dates again:

  • Submit your 200-word concept
    • March 20th, 2023 until April 20th, 2023 at midnight EST
  • 10 semi-finalists will be announced
    • May 15th, 2023
  • Semi-finalists submit a paid 1,000-word submission
    • May 8th to June 9th, 2023 at midnight EST
  • 3 finalists will be announced
    • June 26th, 2023
  • Fans get to vote
    • June 26th, 2023 to July 14th at Midnight EST
  • The winner is announced.
    • August 3rd, 2023


The Evil Genius

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David Scott
Great Information! I love it and want to know more.


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