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What’s in Store for E.G.O.?

The relationship between the E.G.O. Program and Friendly Local Game Stores (FLGSs) is Mutually Beneficial, Mutually Reinforcing, and Vitally Important.

Evil Genius Games’ Organized-Play Program (E.G.O.) welcomes all  players and GMs to become engaged with the program, whether they participate virtually or in person at stores, conventions, and other venues. Here, I want to concentrate on one of the pillars of that engagement: the Friendly Local Game Store (FLGS). 

Beacons and Bastions for the Gaming Community

In the heart of every gaming community, where dice roll and character sheets abound, the FLGS stands as a beacon of imagination and bastion of gaming camaraderie. These stores are more than retail spaces; they become “third places”—key social settings separate from home and work—where gamers can gather, share interests, discover new horizons, and build friendships and community. 

Consequently, the Evil Genius Organized-Play (E.G.O.) Program is intentionally designed to reinforce the role that these community hubs play for the TTRPG gaming community. Our program offers an innovative approach to organized play that benefits both FLGSs and their patrons. By participating in E.G.O., stores can give their sales and community engagement an “E.G.O. boost” through convenience, engaging content, and enhanced sales opportunities that benefit both the store and those playing games there.

Convenience, Engagement, and Support

At the core of E.G.O. is Dispatch, a state-of-the-art web application that simplifies the organization of game nights, creating characters, and tracking player achievements with ease. This convenience means FLGSs can host more events with less hassle and concentrate on attracting both new and veteran players to their stores. The provision of free, monthly downloadable adventures ensures that there’s always something new and exciting at the store and on the horizon for players to experience.

E.G.O.’s network of volunteer GMs (Goons) and Organizers (Minions) is pivotal in making weekly game nights or special events a success. These volunteers help to foster a welcoming environment for all players, reinforcing the store’s role as a community hub. In addition, the program’s structure encourages an engaged gaming community by incentivizing in-store purchases that directly rewards E.G.O. players and benefits the FLGSs.

In-Store Incentives

E.G.O. players can help support their FLGS financially—and get a helpful boost for their own games in return—through the earning of “Retailer Engagement Program” (REP) points. Simply put, for every $10 (€10 EU, $10 CAN) that you spend in the store before or during an E.G.O. game in which you are playing, you earn one REP point. After the purchase, you can then turn around and use your REP for in-game rewards! For more details, see our Gameplay Options page at https://evilgeniusgames.com/gameplay-options/

What is also important to note here is that these qualifying purchases are not just for Evil Genius products—you can purchase other games and materials as well and still earn REP. Of course, we hope that you will purchase our products, but this is one way that we try to go beyond E.G.O. to better serve the FLGSs and the community at large with our program.

Easy Enrollment

Joining the E.G.O. Program is straightforward, offering FLGSs a hassle-free way to enhance their gaming nights and special events. This ease of enrollment, combined with the support community provided by Evil Genius Games, makes it an attractive proposition for any store looking to expand its offerings and community engagement. 

Stores that are interested in joining E.G.O. can do so with this short form:  https://forms.gle/DHXhaqgpjbTkWYFg9

Players who are interested in joining the program or becoming an Evil Goon (GM) or Minion (Local Organizer for a store or stores) should use this form: https://forms.gle/woLfnuiSz52pnr5w5

E.G.O. and Everyday Heroes: A New Era of Adventure

At Evil Genius Games, we believe that nurturing the relationship between our Organized-Play Program and our participating FLGSs is not just mutually beneficial, but vitality important to the growth and sustainability of the TTRPG community. By supporting local game stores through its E.G.O. program, Evil Genius Games wants to ensure that our FLGSs remain vibrant third places where stories unfold, friendships form, and the dice never stop rolling.


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