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Pacific Rim

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Pilot giant mechs. Kill giant monsters. Save the world. The battle for humanity’s survival rages on. Skyscraper-sized monsters called Kaiju continue to invade our world from another dimension. Their only goal: is the total annihilation of the human race. Only you and your fellow Rangers can fight the Kaiju, matching their size and strength with titanic robots called Jaegers; machines so powerful that they require the mental fortitude of two pilots to operate. It’s your turn to save the world. The Pan Pacific Defence Corps (PPDC’s) powerful new prototype Jaeger, the Fenris Alpha, lies scattered at the edge of a deep ocean trench, its pilots still alive within their protected capsule. The players must fight the Kaijus that defeated the Fenris, rescue the pilots, and get home safely. Highlights of the Pacific Rim Cinematic Adventure include:
  • A wealth of lore about the world of the film
  • New hero-building options
  • Tools and guidance for game masters
  • 5e compatible rules for creating new Jaeger mechs
  • New Class: Bonded Twins
  • New Profession: Jaeger Pilot
This is a 128-page Cinematic Adventure set in the world of Pacific Rim and designed for use with the Everyday Heroes™ roleplaying game. You need the Everyday Heroes Core Rulebook to understand and play the contents of this book.

Pacific Rim Collection