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The Garage

The Garage is the definitive guide to vehicles, featuring over 200 motorcycles, cars, boats, and aircraft.

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What's Inside

The Garage is the premier guide for vehicles, featuring over 300 vehicles from shopping carts to spacecraft. The Garage expands on the vehicles and rules in the Everday Heroes core rulebook. In addition, the Garage adds new character options, including classes, backgrounds, professions, and feats. You will also find rules on tools and repair shops. The Garage provides advice on diverse topics from access restrictions for vehicles to using a vehicle to express your character.

Featured Content

  • Early vehicles for your jousting, swashbuckling, and privateering needs.
  • Steam-powered vehicles from ironclads to steam locomotives and hot-air balloons
  • Spacecraft and autonomous vehicles
  • Rules for modifying and personalizing your vehicles, including weapon mounts
  • Expanded rules for vehicle combat and chases
  • Over 40 complications to liven up chase scenes
  • And of course, more cars, trucks, tanks, and fighter planes than you can shake a monkey wrench at

The Cool Factor

Everyday Heroes depend on vehicles to get them to, through, and away from the action. The Garage provides a wide variety of vehicles to fit whatever time period your game takes place. In addition, the expanded character options and vehicle rules allow groups to run vehicle- and travel-focused games, whether you’re leading pioneers across the plains or fighting for survival in a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

About The Garage

  • Over 200 vehicles, from muscle-powered to nuclear-powered
  • New character options including classes, backgrounds, professions, and feats
  • Rules for modifying vehicles
  • Expanded rules for vehicle combat and chase scenes
  • 40 complications to add tension to chases
  • Advice on restricting vehicles, the effects of terrain, and levels of realism

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