E.G.O. Assignment 06: Lunch Rush at Nacho Haüs 13

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It's a quiet day at Nacho Haüs 13...until it isn't. The REDEMPTION heroes come under attack by the agents of M.O.M. and their hired mercenary thugs at the local Nacho Haüs! It’s an all-out battle that’s far more deadly than your typical food fight!

Assignment 06: Lunch Rush at Nacho Haüs 13 is an E.G.O. metaplot Assignment adventure for levels 1-4 heroes.*
  • Approximately 3-4 hours of shocking, high-stakes adventure!
  • Secrets of Nacho Haüs revealed!
* This adventure is designed for use with the Everyday Heroes™ Roleplaying Game. You will need the Everyday Heroes Core Rulebook to understand and play the contents of this product.