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Universal Soldier

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Venture into the dystopian world of Universal Soldier — a world teetering on the precipice of military evolution, where the boundaries between man and machine blur amidst a storm of bullets and blood. Assume the identity of a cybernetic soldier, exploring the grim yet thrilling adventure of carving a path of justice through a landscape laden with rogue warriors, corrupt overlords, and lethal skirmishes. Amidst a war fueled by fear and greed, your quest for truth is a beacon of hope and rebellion against the chains of oblivion seeking to erase the remnants of your humanity. The Universal Soldier Cinematic Adventure immerses players into a future unyielding in its embrace of dark secrets, high-octane combat, and the eternal quest for self-discovery. As the narrative unfolds, traverse a reality echoing with the cries of the fallen and the whispers of insurrection against those seeking to control the ultimate weapon—your very existence. The Universal Soldier Cinematic Adventure invites you into a story brimming with relentless combat, tactical warfare, and a quest for redemption that promises to challenge the heart, mind, and steel of the heroes brave enough to defy the chains of destiny. As you forge alliances, confront the horrors of engineered warfare, and combat the puppeteers orchestrating a world of espionage and domination, remember—the essence of humanity is indomitable, even in the face of overwhelming tyranny. This exciting adventure includes:
  • A wealth of lore about the world of the film
  • New Classes: Billionaire, Cybermodder, and Networker
  • New backgrounds such as Corporate Legacy, Mercenary, and more
  • New hero-building options such as Origin, Cyborg, Synthetic and UniSol
  • Tools and guidance for game masters
  • 5e compatible rules for cybernetic tolerance, equipment, and weapons
Universal Soldier is a TTRPG Cinematic Adventure™ that’s 5e compatible, officially licensed, set in the world of the film and designed for use with the Everyday Heroes™ roleplaying game. You need the Everyday Heroes Core Rulebook to understand and play the contents of this book.

Universal Soldier Collection