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Supporting Cast, Volume One

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What’s Inside?
Twelve unique personalities and eight gallery NPCs join the Everyday Heroes universe through this collection of statistics, narrative stories, and plot hooks to use in your roleplaying games.* Contains the first installment of potential allies, enemies, and assets that GMs and heroes will find useful in their Everyday Heroes Roleplaying Game adventures.
Featured Content:
  • Twelve new Unique Personality NPCs
  • Eight new Gallery NPCs
  • Interesting Story Hooks for each NPC entry
  • New Traits, Equipment, and Actions to challenge your Heroes
  • Compatible with any Everyday Heroes Roleplaying Game adventure!
What's Cool?
Whether a GM needs the perfect criminal asset, target for their schemes, or an ally to help thwart them, Supporting Cast, Volume One has everything your Everyday Heroes could need! With unique NPCs ranging from Alicia Worthington (the transportation arrangement expert) and Hans Roever (a kind-hearted sniper) to the mad genius of Kofi Adebayo, Chemist-for-Hire…this product has someone for everyone!
About This Book:
  • A 25-page NPC supplement for all Everyday Heroes Roleplaying Games
  • Twelve Unique Personality NPCs
  • Eight types of repeatable Gallery NPCs
  • 60 Story Hooks based on the NPCs
  • The first volume in the Supporting Cast product series
* Designed for use with the Everyday Heroes™ roleplaying game. You need the Everyday Heroes Core Rulebook to understand and play the contents of this product.

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